Marco in white

Travelling is key in my design.

Where ever I am in the world, be it a marketplace in Marrakesh or a boat sailing the Mediterranean, visuals and influences add layers to my design references.

Given our climate, my designs tend to blur the exterior spaces with the interiors - creating sitting areas like cabanas; extending spaces, and using rooms in surprising ways.  The relaxed contemporary lifestyle this creates I often reinforce by the use of washable linens, bespoke slipcovers and easy-to-live-with designs.

Awareness of my client's needs as well as colours and pieces they own and love form the foundation of each project.  Also the architectural identity of a house is also one of my considerations when creating a space.  I love to use Contrasting textures by adding subtle distinctions and vitality to a room, be it linen, wool, cashmere or silk, as well as hammered iron, textured wallpaper, rattan or glass.

Scale and comfort are paramount.  Use of custom furniture I find allows for depths, generous scale and quality materials - My aim is simple to create truly luxurious spaces that are both timeless and unquestionably livable.